Autism and everyday life

Information and advice about living as an autistic person or caring for an autistic child.
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What is autism?

Autistic people may act in a different way to other people

Autistic people may:

  • find it hard to communicate and interact with other people
  • find it hard to understand how other people think or feel
  • find things like bright lights or loud noises overwhelming, stressful or uncomfortable
  • get anxious or upset about unfamiliar situations and social events
  • take longer to understand information
  • do or think the same things over and over

If you think you or your child may be autistic, get advice about the signs of autism.

Autism is different for everyone

Autism is a spectrum. This means everybody with autism is different.

Some autistic people need little or no support. Others may need help from a parent or carer every day.

Do you need some further information or advice about autism?

Here is a list of organisations that may be able to help or offer advice: 


The NHS website is full of useful advice and information for people living with autism and for those who care for someone with autism.

National Autistic Society

The UK's leading charity for people on the autism spectrum and their families. 

Challenging Behaviour Foundation

The Challenging Behaviour Foundation holds a broad range of information and guidance about challenging behaviour and connected issues, including information sheets, FAQs, packs, templates and DVDs.

North Yorkshire County Council 

The North Yorkshire County Council website is packed with useful information about local, regional and national groups and networks related to special education needs and disabilities.

Nip in the Bud

The Nip in the Bud website has useful information and real-life experience films about the autism spectrum in children. 

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