Primary Care Networks North Yorkshire

Primary Care Networks (PCNs) are a key part of the NHS Long Term Plan.
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Across North Yorkshire, GP practices have been coming together to form networks, typically covering 30,000-50,000 patients, to provide the structure and funding for services to be developed locally, responding to the needs of their patients.

NHS England has big ambitions for primary care networks, with the expectation that they will help to deliver many of the commitments in the long-term plan and offer a wider range of services to patients. 

They will have teams made up of a range of staff such as GPs, clinical pharmacists, district nurses, community geriatricians, dementia workers and Allied Health Professionals such as physiotherapists and podiatrists/chiropodists, joined by social care and the voluntary sector.

They will be expected to provide a wider range of primary care services to patients, involving a broader set of staff roles than would be feasible in individual practices – such as first-contact physiotherapy, extended access and social prescribing. Networks received specific funding for clinical pharmacists and social prescribing link workers in 2019/20, with funding for physiotherapists, physician associates and paramedics to follow. 

In some areas, GP practices had been working together for a while, but the NHS long-term plan and the new five-year framework for the GP contract, published in January 2019, put in place a more formal structure around this way of working, without creating new statutory bodies.

Primary care networks will be required to deliver a set of seven national service specifications:

  • structured medication reviews,
  • enhanced health in care homes,
  • anticipatory care (with community services),
  • personalised care
  • supporting early cancer diagnosis
  • cardiovascular disease case-finding
  • locally agreed action to tackle inequalities

They will also be the footprint around which integrated community-based teams will develop, and community and mental health services will be expected to configure their services around PCN boundaries. These teams will provide services to people with more complex needs, providing proactive and anticipatory care.

Hambleton Richmondshire and Whitby

Hambleton North

Size 44,356

Clinical Director Dr Mark Duggleby (Stokesley Health Centre)

GP practices Hambleton North

Hambleton South

Size 28,423

Clinical Director Dr Sally Tyrer (Lambert Medical Centre)

GP practices Hambleton South


Size 43,535

Clinical Director Dr Richard James (Scorton Medical Centre)

GP practices Richmondshire

Whitby, Coast & Moors

Size 26,800

Clinical Director Dr Simon Stockill (Sleights and Sandsend Medical Practice)

GP practices Whitby, Coast & Moors

Harrogate and Rural District

Heart of Harrogate

Heart of Harrogate Patient Participation Group

Size 51,359

Clinical Director Dr David Taylor (Dr Moss and Partners)

GP practices Heart of Harrogate

Knaresborough and Rural

Size 54,084

Clinical Director Dr Chris Preece (Church Lane Surgery)

GP practices Knaresborough and rural

Mowbray Square

Size 30,076

Clinical Director Dr Ian Dilley (East Parade Surgery)

GP practices Mowbray Square

Ripon and Masham

Size 29,000

Clinical Director Dr Richard Fletcher (Dr Ingram and Partners)

GP practices Ripon and Masham

Vale of York

Selby Town

Size 49,792

Clinical Director Dr Nick Jackson (Beech Tree Surgery)

GP practices Selby Town

Tadcaster and Rural

Size: 28,289

Clinical Director Dr Steve Lovisetto (South Milford Surgery)

GP practices Tadcaster and Rural

South Hambleton and Ryedale

Size 35,000

Clinical Director Dr Paula Evans

GP practices South Hambleton and Ryedale

Scarborough and Ryedale

Filey and Scarborough Healthier Communities Network

Size 30,724

Clinical Director Dr Cath Chapman (Filey Surgery)

GP practices Filey and Scarborough Healthier Communities Network

North Riding Community Health Network

Size 38,510

Clinical Director Dr Greg Black (Ampleforth and Hovingham)

GP practices North Riding Community Health Network

Scarborough Core

Size 51,813

Clinical Director Dr Omnia Hefni (Central Healthcare)

GP practices Scarborough Core


Wharfedale, Airedale & Craven Alliance

Size 72,000

CEO Dr Nick Clarke (IG Medical)


GP practices Wharfedale, Airedale and Craven Alliance

GP practices Modality

Morecambe Bay

Western Dales Primary Care Network

Size 17,505

Clinical Director Dr William Lumb (Sedbergh Medical Practice)

GP practices Western Dales PCN

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