Robin Hood’s Bay NHS Public Engagement Dentistry

NHS England and NHS Improvement (NHS E&I) asked Healthwatch North Yorkshire to run a survey on NHS dental provision in Robin Hood’s Bay following the handing back of an NHS contract by a provider in the area.
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The survey ran simultaneously with an identical one hosted by NHS E&I. The survey by Healthwatch North Yorkshire was aimed at members of the public, whilst the NHS E&I survey was targeted to those who had lost NHS dental coverage as a result of the NHS contract being handed back. The questions were provided by NHS E&I.

The survey was hosted on Healthwatch North Yorkshire's website and ran between Thursday 1st and Friday 9th July promoted through Healthwatch North Yorkshire's mailing lists and social media. The survey received 45 responses.

The survey results demonstrate a strong desire for NHS services to be available in the Robin Hood’s Bay area but also evidence a willingness to travel to larger areas nearby, such as Whitby, and Scarborough.

Response from NHS England and NHS Improvement

NHSE&I values all the efforts of those who took the time to be involved in the Robin Hood’s Bay and Scarborough surveys and focus groups and have taken the views and wishes into consideration for the future commissioning of services in these areas.

Temporary provision has already been established in the Eastfield Ward of Scarborough whilst the wider procurement exercise is underway and the specifications for both areas are currently being finalised, taking on board the feedback received from this work.

For more information, please get in touch via email or call 01904 552 687.


Robin Hood's Bay NHS Public Engagement Summary

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