The Public Experience: GP Appointments

Our latest briefing looks at the various perspectives of the public experiences of GP appointments.
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We received 154 valid responses to our first individual influencer survey. Whilst positive experiences of GP appointments are clear, there are also a number of issues that we believe need addressing.

This is the first Pulse Briefing published. And these briefings will complement our quarterly Pulse Reports when there is a specific topic that we think needs to be explored. 

Key findings: 

We heard varied perspectives from people who completed this survey. Some of the key findings addressed in the briefing are:

  1. Booking a GP appointment
  2. Access to a primary care health professional
  3. Long phone queues and waiting times for appointments
  4. Positives of booking online
  5. Satisfaction with GP appointment

Thank you to everyone who responded to our survey and contributed feedback. Your voices help inform and shape health and social care services in North Yorkshire. 

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