COVID-19 Vaccination Briefing January 2021

This briefing focuses on the COVID-19 vaccine.
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Since the beginning of January we have received a significant volume of enquiries from the public about the vaccine, comprising of 35 out of 45 contacts (78%) in the first two weeks of the month. Opinions of the vaccine are generally positive, excluding a small minority, with people looking forward to receiving their vaccination.

Key findings:

  • Lack of communication leading to anxiety
  • Concerns about being missed
  • Vaccine delivery in Harrogate
  • Travel
All we have been advised is not to contact our GP just wait and we will be contacted. Anyone with any life experience of NHS and [the] government in general knows what falling throughvthe cracks is like. It requires trust and confidence to just wait and I am afraid neither has been earned.
— Website Comment, January.

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